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CASE STUDY:   Patricia Cole Music


Patricia Cole, a professional violinist completing her Ph.D. in Violin Performance, came to Realistic Labs to help her establish her business as a music educator. When she came to us, Patricia had a few students, a minimal online presence, and found her students primarily through working at a music studio and through word of mouth.

Patricia Cole

After working with Realistic Labs, Patricia had:

  • a comprehensive online presence, including video gallery, photo gallery and blog

  • a robust social media presence

To build Patricia’s business, Realistic Labs created a comprehensive online presence, with a web site including:

  • Violin and viola resource pages with links to purchasing products

  • Photo gallery

  • Video gallery, including arena, recital, and string quartet performances by Patricia and video demonstrations of violin technique

  • Contact form

  • Student Registration Forms

  • Custom graphics and icons - we adapted Patricia’s logo for use on the site, created a custom background, favorites icons, and other graphics for the site.


To help Patricia’s prospective students get a sense of Patricia as a person, we’ve included photos of her in a photo gallery on the site.

Patricia Cole


To help Patricia’s prospective students hear and see her musical skill, we recommended she add video of her playing to her site. The videos include a number of different styles and performance contexts to highlight her versatility. We created a YouTube account and private channel for Patricia, edited her raw video, and uploaded it.

Patricia Cole


To help Patricia’s prospective students learn more about Patricia and her extensive musical education, we created a dedicated biography page that includes descriptions of her teachers and mentors, and some of her most promiment performances and tours.

Patricia Cole


To help Patricia’s prospective new students, private parties interested in hiring her for events, and orchestras interested in hiring her for performances, to easily get in touch with her, we created a contact form for her.

Patricia Cole


To help Patricia with registering new students for lessons, we created a registration form for her.

Patricia Cole


One of Patricia’s distinguishing features as a violin instructor is that she is also a working professional violinist, playing with the Tuscon Symphony and as part of her own string quartet. By listing her performances, Patricia can provide her students and their parents with more detail about the type of music she plays. Also, we provided links to purchasing tickets to her symphony performances.

Patricia Cole


The violin and viola resources pages provide Patricia’s students with convenient access to a list of materials needed for lessons, and an easy way to buy them online. It also saves Patricia money in reproduction costs and time.

For this page, Patricia provided links to the resources she uses. The resources included graphics of varying sizes and quality. To create a visually appealing page, Realistic Labs performed lots of careful work in Photoshop and Wordpress - resizing and enhancing graphics, and fine-tuning layout.

Patricia Cole


To make it convenient for students to find and download forms that they need to fill out, we created a student forms page, and PDF versions of Patricia’s administrative forms for students.

Patricia Cole


To help Patricia better connect with her current students, and help new students find her, we created a robust social media presence, including accounts on:


Patricia Cole


Patricia Cole


Patricia Cole


Patricia Cole


We registered Patricia's site with numerous online local and national directories, and publicized Patricia’s business with dozens of sites and organizations in the classical music and violinist communities.